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My name is Nicole Equerme, and I am a singer-songwriter out of the small town of Mount Dora, Florida.

I have been writing music since my friend left her guitar at my house during a sleep over when I was 14.  I took what I thought were the best 10 songs I have and got together with other amazing musicians (Steve Wilkinson, Frank Ojeda, Dave Roberts, Tom West, Paulo Cesar and David Frank). Together, with some fantastic engineers (Joe Idzal, Gary Paczosa, Shani Gandhi, and Eric Boulanger) we made this amazing compilation I call "I." It is is "I." because it is only the first full length album to come of many.

On "I." I play a variety of instruments like guitar, ukulele, cello, trumpet, tambourine, shakers, plus a few more, not to mention the arrangements are all the work of yours truly. All editing was also mostly done by myself, but I definitely couldn't have done it without the fantastic music that came out of the musicians above, and great ears of the engineers also listed. 

I currently am a full time musician around the Central Florida area.

Please feel free to take a moment to look around.

If you like what you hear, please consider buying a CD or a digital download. That is how I can continually fund my music; from generous purchases from people like you!

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