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Slippin' Through

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Now I can go to bed
With you in my head
A smile on my face
Dreamin’ of how you taste
You’re the only thing that’s on my mind

Now I’ve had some wine
And forgotten the time
Ten thousand miles away
I’ve wasted half my day
You’re the only thing that’s on my mind

Call me baby
Call me honey
Oh you can call me baby
Well you can call me honey
Even though I know my love’s just gonna slip right through

Now you’re just in your robe
Nothing left of your clothes
And freckles are calling my name
I swear that this game
Is gonna drive me out of my mind


[Instrumental break]

Once upon a time
You didn’t see the signs
Until a drink and a ride
Left a chill in my spine
And wishin’ we could do it again