1. Save Me

From the recording I.

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Save Me

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Every time the sun comes up
My first thought is it's too late, it's too late

Every time you come around
My first thought is it's too late, it's too late

I know I push and I pull
And I give and take when it's too late, it's too late

Even if I come and go or stay for sure
It's too late, it's always too late

What if I don't like a sunset beach
Or a rehearsed speech?
What if I don't want a hero, come to save me
And what if I like what I have to say
And I like it that way?
Are you still gonna save me?

The hour glass keeps drippin'
And time keeps tickin'
And still I'm listening

But baby I'm gettin' bored
So you'd better stike a chord
And hope it's something
Worth the reward

You go ahead with your ordinary plans
You overachiever, under believer
Inner deceiver, too late to leave her
Kind of quick fix

I think you think I'll be safe and buy
Into it