1. Declaration

From the recording I.

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Look at you, fit so neatly into
Your sun-dop, drip-dried glass and
You asked me if I was around and I said
Of course, I am I just have to

Sort things out and categorize
The way I think and memorize
Where we were, and who we are
Cause right now, things are getting a little

Crazy for me (x5)
Crazy (x3)
Crazy for me

There are too many tears for too many things
In this, day and age
Tell me we're not lost tell me we're just two
People floating in this predicated frost

And I'll gather, the pieces while you do the same
And I'm sure, we'll meet up some where one day
And agree, on a mutual sovereignty
While things get a little less

Crazy for me (x4)
Crazy (x3)
Crazy for me

It's ok, it's fine
That we're on different times
You know I've always been a little jet-lagged

But do know that I know I love to hate the fact
That I love, oh I love loving you